Vilhelm Bromander Unfolding Orchestra

'In this forever unfolding moment' is the debut release by a new, 13-piece ensemble assembled by Swedish bass player and composer Vilhelm Bromander, released september 29th 2023 on the Swedish label Thanasosis. It’s a sparkling Spiritual Jazz album, featuring three extended, stellar compositions by Bromander, performed by some of the most urgent voices from the Swedish scene of jazz- and improvised music, together with the otherworldly voice of dhrupad singer Marianne Svašek. In the music Bromanders love of jazz and northindian raga melts together and in the meeting is born a caringly wild-grown music with a heartfelt and powerful expression. Bromander has twelve phenomenal musicians to help him, and it is in the meeting of their voices and dedication that the music has become what it is – collective, full of others, hope, care and resistance.

Vilhelm Bromander, double bass
Katt Hernandez, violin
Martin Küchen, alto and sopranino saxophone
Elin Forkelid, tenor saxophone
Alberto Pinton, baritone saxophone
Christer Bothén, bass clarinet
Emil Strandberg, trumpet
Mats Äleklint, trombone
Alex Zethson, piano
Mattias Ståhl, vibraphone
Dennis Egberth, drums
Anton Jonsson, drums
Marianne Svašek, vocals & tanpura