focusing on small musical details such as intonation, beating, subharmonics and multiphonics vilhelm curiously investigates his bass. he has done several solo concerts and on september 22nd 2016 the solorecord oh lord give me strange was released on the portugese label creative sources.


    on the record there is two tracks, each one presenting a sound that on the surface seems static, but soon a very liveful and mysterious music emerges from the sound, rich in form and variation.



    the mutes music is like a mute trying to speak. or a muted instrument. sound spreads like a deceptive clear water, only bubbles emerges to the surface which speaks of an apparent depth. the foundation of the bass, the heaviness of the percussion and the trumpets muffled calls, close and urgent. it’s beautiful, ugly and full of disagreements.


    axel dörner / trumpet

    henrik olsson / percussion & objects

    vilhelm bromander / double bass





    Foto: Thor Egil Leitrø

  • Vilhelm Bromanders


    the Initiative is a non-hierarchical collective with roots in the '60s free jazz and contemporary improvised music. the music is characterised by the joy of playing, both in free forms and long-composed suite forms, where hard swing, wild improvisations and lyrical melodies melt together in unexpected combinations.


    the five members are  all deeply involved in the swedish and norweigan free jazz scene. with distinctive voices they create a living — urgent — collective sound.

    marthe lea / saxophone

    niklas barnö / trumpet
    lisa ullén / piano
    vilhelm bromander / double bass
    christopher cantillo / drums


    the 24th of may 2017 the record allt åt alla was released via signal and sound records

  • CBVB


    after having played together in many different contexts, christer bothén and vilhelm bromander formed the duo CBVB in 2014 in order to enter a closer artistic collaboration. the forming of this duo has meant a possibility to realize a highly consistent study of the big instruments’ sounding possibilities. the result of this work is now presented in the suite “DEEP”, consisting of five joint compositions and one structured improvisation. CBVB invites you to deep listening in a very rich, yet simultaneously very reduced musical world of micro movements, interferences, trembling, silences, and unpredictable events, all of it performed with artistic integrity and poetic logic.


    christer bothén / contrabass clarinet & bass clarinet

    vilhelm bromander / double bass












    the 20th of march 2018 the record DEEP was released via creative sources recordings

  • Vilhelm Bromander & FREDRIK RASTEN

    The duo of Bromander / Rasten is working with improvisation and composition to create resonant acoustic music with double bass, guitar and subtle vocal additions. Together they explore the potential of just intonation and how it can be utilized in improvised music, as well as in fully composed pieces.






    Foto: Christina Marx